T-Slot & Woodruff Milling Tools

T-Slot & Woodruff Milling Tools

Side and face milling cutters can mill long, deep, open slots in a more efficient way and provide the best rigidity and productivity for this type of milling. They can also be built into a “gang” to machine more than one surface in the same plane at the same time.


Side and face mills are available in a wide range of diameters (80mm to 160mm). The larger the diameter, the deeper the slot that can be machined. Side and face mills come in a wide range of thicknesses (4mm to 12mm) for machining different width slots

To select the right side and face mill for your application, you should choose the correct distance from the shank or spigot and the correct thickness.

Indexable T-Slot mills work the same in principal to side and face mills, however they are generally smaller in diameter and thicker in ratio to the diameter.  Please contact our technical team today to see how we can help you or buy online today.  Lead times are generally 3-5 working days for side and face mills.  Enquire now.