Pro-X Mill System for Aluminium

Pro-X Mill System for Aluminium

Indexable milling of aluminium is generally carried out using normal end mills or face mills with an insert which is then adapted for machining aluminium. This works ok for general applications but has several limitations if you require better performance or higher quality surface finish.


Firstly, most general purpose milling bodies have too many teeth for aluminium and small chip pockets, this means chip clogging is common especially if run at speeds possible for aluminium.  Secondly, inserts lack the positive rake required for good chip control.  Thirdly, inserts are often small (9-15mm) and lack the cutting edge length that can be used for high metal removal milling aluminium. These 3 issues mean high speed machining of aluminium isn't ideal with a general milling body. 

The Korloy Pro-X Mill system solves these 3 main issues and offers UNBEATABLE performance and surface finish for aluminium machining.  The 19mm insert combined with large chip pocket design on the holder means metal removal rates can be as much as 400% higher than conventional milling systems, whilst maintaining total chip control. 

Pro-X Mill holders are balanced up to 24,000rpm and machine to a mirror finish quality with no step over marks.   Ideal for 90 degree milling applications, facing, copying and deep pocket milling.

Inserts are available in 0.5mm-5.0mm radius in either polished  grade (H01) for long chipping aluminium or DLC diamond coating (PD2000) for high silicon aluminium.  Buy today and increase metal removal rates of aluminium by 200-300%.