Pro-L Mill System for Aluminium & HRSA's

Pro-L Mill System for Aluminium & HRSA's

Aerospace components and work pieces are always seeking the best surface finish and highest tolerances.  Traditional end mills or porcupines can create an issue whereby they leave step over marks when profiling the edges of work pieces where the job is longer than the cutting edge of the insert of porcupine.  This can mean a second operation is required with a solid carbide finisher.


The Korloy Pro-L Mill is a specially designed indexable milling system for ultra-high quality surface finish in shoulder milling and profiling applications on aluminium and heat resistant super alloys such as titanium, waspalloy,hastelloy and ti-alloys.

The 34mm long insert enables profiling with just 1 pass.  For deeper depths, the multi-edge porcupine tool enables profiling up to 96mm deep in 1 pass and no finishing cutter required.  No other milling body can offer such high quality mirror finish with an indexable system in such large cutting depths.

The LXET ground insert is available in grade H01 for aluminium and PC5300 for exotic materials/stainless steel. Call us today to find out more or buy online now