Modular Adaptors for Threaded Shanks

Modular Adaptors for Threaded Shanks

Most indexable milling bodies are only available in 1-2 choices of length, so when an application needed a very long tool arrises, a standard end mill can be too short. This can be solved by buying a modular shank and modular head.


The modular shank has a male metric thread and modular head a female thread.  This makes milling up to depths of 400mm possible with end mills from 16mm to 40mm diameter. Modular shanks are available in steel shanks(lower cost) or carbide shanks (increased rigidity in longer depths). Carbide shanks are a must where high quality surface finish is required.


Korloy offer shanks up to 300mm long in 10mm to 40mm diameter plus a range of milling heads for different application:

Alpha Mill for 90 degree slotting and square shoulder milling, Laser Mill for copy milling (ball nosed or corner radius) mould steels up to 65 Rockwell, Pro-X Mill for aluminium machining and copy milling, HRM Double for high feed milling & FMR tools for button insert / copy milling. Phone us today to discuss your application or buy today online.