ISO Milling

ISO Milling

Many modern indexable milling systems are 'captured pocket' systems which means that you can only buy the insert for your milling body from the manufacturer or the holder.  Manufacturers will create patents or copyrights on their inserts which prevents competitors from copying them.  This differs from turning inserts where all manufacturers have adopted an ISO coding system and all inserts are interchangeable.


However, Cutwel offer a range of 'ISO Milling bodies' are suitable for holding universal milling inserts (any brand).  This means that the end user is not tied to anyone brand of inserts and can use their preferred manufacturer.   The downside to these ISO systems is that most are very old technology with poor performance and old fashioned geometries.  This is find for manual or conventional milling machines but not recommended for CNC Milling.

Cutwel offer end mills, porcupines and face mills for APKT, ADKT, SNMXSPKN and TPKN milling inserts, manufactured by Zenit (of Italy) or Teknik (of Turkey).  They offer fantastic value for general applications.  Buy now for the best prices!