Rules, Straight Edges, Protractors

Rules, Straight Edges, Protractors

Rules (commonly called rulers) are the most common measuring tool in the world, used by people from a young age and in all industries normally used to measure or draw a straight distance between 2 points.   In engineering, rules are typically made from stainless steel to prevent rust from lubricants and give high rigidity. Rules are available from 6" (150mm) to 80" (2,000mm). A straight edge, like a rule, can also be used for measuring a straight line but is more rigid in form and has an accurately machined straight edge which can be used for gauging flatness.


Protractors are used for measuring of drawing angles.  Engineering protractors are available as basic standard protractors and digital protractors. Cutwel also offers combination square sets (for checking angles) and digital levels. Buy now for next day delivery and 12 month guarantee.