Height Gauges

Height Gauges

Height Gauges are generally used in metalworking or metrology to either set or measure vertical distances; the pointer is sharpened to allow it to act as a scriber and assist in marking out work pieces. Height gauges can also measure the height of an object by using the underside of the scriber as the datum which may be permanently fixed or the height gauge may have provision to adjust the scale.


Our Mahr (made in Germany) and Insize height gauges range from basic vernier, dial or digital low cost 1D height gauges to our premium Digimar range of height gauges which are available in 1D and 2D systems.  We even offer height gauges with granite bases for ultimate rigidity. The Digimar 817CLM is a total measuring system with over 40 different measuring functions in 1D and 2D forms.  It replaces the need for hundreds of different measuring tools such as bore micrometrescalipers, and indicators and is equipped with temperature compensation for consistent and accurate measurement. Contact us today for more information or BUY NOW!