Tool Presetters

Tool Presetters

Engineers are taking advantage of the time saving, and accuracy benefits of tool presetters to make their companies more competitive in today's tight market.
Presetters measure the cutting edges of your cutting tools to ensure they precisely match job specifications and are ready to be used in the machine. Adjustments that could take 10-20 minutes on the machine can be made offline on your tool presetters to prevent down time and maximise uptime.


The result is - more accurate parts, longer tool life, and less spindle downtime.

• Offline tool set-up dramatically reduces the downtime on your machine
• Precise and repeatable measurements deliver extreme tolerances
• Eliminate test cuts with FIRST OFF PRECISION
• Eliminate operator error
• Increase efficiency - store hundreds of tools data
To truly appreciate the build quality, ease of use and functionality, please visit out metrology showroom in West Yorkshire for a full demonstration.  We have x-demo models at discounted prices available for you to take away today.  Give us a call to find out more.