Surface Plates

Surface Plates

Granite tables are a must for accurate measurement and provide and flat and stable environment for inspection. They are free from temperature distortion and provide and exceptionally sturdy measuring environment due to their thickness and weight.  Measuring on en-even surfaces can give incorrect or inconsistent inspection results, using a granite surface plate can help eliminate this problem.


Granite surface plate stands and cabinets are extremely strong and can be adjusted by in height to gain a perfect level.
Insize and Mahr granite surface plates are both available in different grades for the shop floor or inspection departments. Grade 0 is ideal for the shop floor environment whilst grade 00 is recommended for inspection or quality departments. Cutwel stocks Insize granite surface plates in the UK for next day delivery, whilst we can delivery Mahr granite surface plates in 5 working days from Germany. Granite surface plates are all supplied with a calibration certificate of conformity. Come and view them in our metrology showroom or buy now for next day delivery.