Measuring tool stands not only securely hold the measuring tools, they can often make using the measuring tool easier and help give more accurate readings.

Micrometer stands are adjustable and hold the external micrometer securely so that 1 handed operation of the Micrometers is possible, freeing up the other hand for holding or moving a work piece.


Indicator and dial test indicator stands have magnetic bases with strong clamping forces to prevent the measuring tool from moving or falling over.  They have adjustable arms (in single direction, mutli-direction or flexbile) allowing the measuring tool height or placement to be moved easily then locked in place.  Comparator stands have a granite base with precision flatness for inspecting work pieces and also have exceptional rigidity.  They also have fine adjustment to enable setting at the perfect height for gauging.  Insize and Mahr products all come with a 12 month guarantee and quality assurance from Cutwel.  Buy today and test our quality.