Engineers or toolmakers squares are used for marking off, checking perpendicularity, inspection, for fabrication, setting workpieces etc. In use, the body is aligned against the one edge of the object and the blade is presented to the end or body of the object. If the end is being checked, then a strong light source behind the square will show any mismatch. between the blade of the square and the end of the object. Machinist squares can have a linear error of no greater than 0.0002 in/in.


Squares are available in grades 0 or 1,  grade 1 being perfect for most general use. The better 0 grade squares are typically used in applications where a higher grade of accuracy is required, in a toolroom for example, or for checking other squares for square, or for making jigs and fixtures where supreme accuracy is needed. Squares (despite their name) are available in different angles: 45 degree squares, 60 degree squares, 90 degree squares, 120 degree squares & degree squares.   Types of squares include toolmakers squares, machinists squares, granite squares, flat bottom squares and bevel edge squares. Buy now for best delivery and price.