Sawman Parting System

Sawman Parting System

The famous block, blade and insert style parting off system is the most widely used type of parting tool in the world.  It still offers unbeatable versatility, ease of use, quick change over of insert and simplicity which is why it remains the first choice for most engineers.



The Korloy Sawman parting system is available in 'block, blade and insert' style or integral square shank tools in insert 2-6mm insert widths.  Sawman parting blades will fit into competitor blocks.  Sawman parting blades and tools are 'stopper' type holders which prevent tool breakage and maximise precision.  The stopper type system works by leaving a gap between the back of the insert and the blade which stops the insert breaking through poor location in the blade.  Inserts should be placed in the blade using light pressure and shouldn't be 'hammered into the blade'.  Inserts are easily removed with 1 hand using the simple SW15S wrench.  The Korloy Sawman parting system is trusted by thousands of engineers in the UK today, Order online and buy today.