Microscope Internal Machining System

Microscope Internal Machining System

Small part machining requires high precision cutting tools for high precision parts.  Only ground carbide inserts (also known as miniature boring bars) are suitable for producing small parts as sintered carbide cannot be made strong enough or to the correct tolerances required.


Microscope Internal Machining tools are 1st choice for micro machining operations inside very small bores (from 1mm øD). All Microscope bars are made from TiALN coated GROUND micrograin carbide for high accuracy machining and can be used for grooving, boring, copying, threading, back boring and face grooving.  Microscope boring bars are ideal for Swiss Type lathes (automatic lathes/sliding heads).  For our more in depth product range, please request a Simtek catalogue today with a choice of over 5,000 different sizes and geometries.