MGT Multi Grooving Tools

Due to the wide range of grooves and forms an engineer can be required to make, it is not always possible to stock a grooving insert for every size groove.  A multi-purpose tool like the Korloy MGT system is ideal is it allows the user to groove, side turn or profile with 1 insert that can be used in internal, external or face grooving tools.  This means a vastly reduced inventory and a system that is ready to go for a huge range of applications.


he Korloy MGT grooving system is 1st choice for versatility with 1 insert fitting across a wide range of holders.  MGT is suitable for External grooving, parting, face grooving, side turning, profiling and internal machining. Inserts are available in 1.5, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 8mm widths.  Due to the strength and toughness of the insert, inserts can machine wider grooves than the nominal diameter by side turning of multi-pass turning.  MGT is even available for relief grooving (45 degree approach), deep face grooving and aluminium profiling.

MGT is the most cost effective and versatile multi-purpose grooving system for you,  Buy online today!