KGT Grooving System

KGT is suitable for grooving, parting, side turning, profiling and internal machining. Inserts are available from 2mm-6mm width.  Toolholders are available in a wide range of T-Max's (the maximum grooving depth).  The benefit of this is that the shortest and most rigid tool can be selected when needed or a longer reach tool for deeper grooves.  Order online and buy today.


General purpose grooving tools often have a design flaw which means that inserts can pop out or groove offline when plunging. This is due to the clamping system which only clamps in 2 places.  This can result in broken tools or scrapped work pieces.

Korloy have eliminated this problem with the Korloy KGT grooving system with a 4 point clamping system for best rigidity, performance and surface finish. KGT inserts are self centering which reduces the risk of vibration. deflection and tool failure.   This results in better surface finish, increased tool life and more precise parts.