HSSE Machine Reamers

HSSE Machine Reamers

Machine reamers are often referred to as chucking reamers and as the name suggests, are used on machines (milling or drilling machines). Machine reamers enlarge a pre-drilled hole to an accurate finished size and tolerance, such an M7.


Machine reamers are available in different geometries and shank styles:

For through and blind holes - use a STRAIGHT FLUTE REAMER. For blind holes - use a SPIRAL FLUTE REAMER. For soft materials - use a HIGH HELIX REAMER.  Taper shank reamers are used for larger diameters (e.g. up to 60mm).  Whole number shank reamers have shank sizes with a nominal diameter (e.g. 3mm, 4mm, 5mm), whereas parallel shank reamers have a shank diameter which is equal to the cutting diameter (e.g. 6.3mm shank, 6.3mm cutting diameter).

For general use, please use HSSE machine reamers, for the best tool life, use carbide machine reamers.  Buy online today for next day delivery.