Dinox Modular Tool Holders

Dinox Modular Tool Holders

The Dinox MD Modular Boring system is both a precision modular boring system for machining centres, but can also be used for milling, drilling and tapping in long length applications where standard tool holders are not long enough.  Any length can be achieved through the use of the side lock extension pieces which connect to boring heads, side lock arbors, collet chucks, drill chucks and tap chucks.


The most popular tool in the range is the MD-FBH Microboring head. This micro-boring head can be adjusted in 0.01mm increments from 20mm to 150mm diameter.
The twin cut MD-DBC boring head is used for rough boring applications and can be adjusted in 1mm increments.
For universal boring, we offer the Dinox KMB series which enables boring from 8mm-165mm diameter with 1 tool and can be adjusted in 0.2mm increments, or the Dinox SMH series which is a smaller head and can be used for boring 6mm-34mm with 1 boring head.
All heads, extensions and basic holders are fully interchangeable. Contact us today for the best advice and help on selecting the tools for your application.