Supercut Spade Drill Spares

Supercut Spade Drill Spares

e recommend that you always use through coolant for drilling above 1xDiameter deep.  Drilling deeper than 1xD deep without through coolant will result in tool failure.  This though is a problem for many older milling machines or machining centres which do not have through coolant.  One way around this is to use a peck cycle and flood with coolant.  This though is time consuming, unreliable and often results in poor surface finish.


The simplest and most cost effective solution is to use a taper shank spade drill body and adapt a rotary coolant adaptor to it.  This is located to the mid part of the drill body with 2 circlips and coolant is feed into the side of the adaptor using an external coolant pipe.  Coolant is fed down the drill and out near the inserts.  The benefit of using a rotary coolant adaptor is better chip control, better surface finish, more reliability, quick.